Mardi Gras 2021

House Of Priscilla, News

What will be a very different Mardi Gras this year seen unlike no other. As the global impact of COVID 19 takes affect we are living in a completely different world these days. Lock downs and isolation take a big toll on our ever social community. This year brings challenges that have been forced upon SGLMG by COVID 19 and government rules and regulations. But do not fear as a community that rises to every challenge there is a solution. SGLMG are holding this years Mardi Gras at the Sydney Cricket Ground. As the Queens prepare to take over the Stadium like you have never seen before, it does also bring back lot's of fond memories of years gone by as we used to stroll past the ground at 9am in the morning in full slap. Truly a sight to behold after several hours of dancing. 

This year House Of Priscilla understands while it might not be a year like any other year it doesn't mean you can't do it in style. With a large range of hire costumes, accessories and off the rack glamour House Of Priscilla encourages all to to get creative and show us what you got.

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