Scarecrow Deluxe Vampire Fangs

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You can't be a vampire without a proper set of fangs. Our fangs are customisable to fit the unique shape of your own teeth. They fit snuggly by snapping into place, and they're even reusable if you decide your vampire character needs more than one outing. 

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If you’ve ever served as the designated Dracula at your family’s traditional Halloween bash or your annual office party, you’ve probably considered getting a great-looking pair of reusable fangs custom-made to fit your mouth. But expensive cosmetic dentistry isn’t your only option! Before you agree to go under the drill, why not try a pair of these amazingly realistic and convenient Vampire Fangs?

Sure, they take a little elbow grease, but the package includes everything you need to mix a compound that will let you mold the caps to fit the shape of your own canines or incisors. And since they’re reusable, the few minutes it takes to achieve a personalized fit now will provide peace of mind every time somebody asks you to make an appearance in your signature undead count costume.

Thinking about going the werewolf route this year (or next)? These toothy props don’t discriminate!