• Ben Nye
  • Bordello by Pleaser

    Bordello by Pleaser

    With ornate detailing and dazzling trimmings, the Bordello collection pays tribute to burlesque performers who have brought the art of tease back into modern spotlight. Wildly extravagant and theatrical, Bordello enlists an array of sparkling glitters and glistening rhinestones to evoke the lavishness of old time glamour.

  • BYS Cosmetics

    BYS Cosmetics

    Designed and developed in Melbourne, BYS is a privately owned, family operated, 100% Australian subsidiary of GFA (Aust) Pty Ltd. Today, BYS is available in more than 25 countries all over the world, making it one of the fastest growing & most exciting cosmetic brands in the market. We are continuing to build strong distribution partners on a global scale and invest heavily in the brand.

  • Capezio


    Capezio is the name that continues to make the world dance. With over 130 years of quality craftsmanship, dedicated customer service and timeless design, Capezio is the brand of choice for athletes and performers across the globe. As Capezio continues to evolve into the lifestyle category, it is these artists who will champion the brand among dancers and non-dancers alike. Today, we are #CompletelyCapezio and our story continues.

  • Demonia by Pleaser

    Demonia by Pleaser

    Alternative, defiant, and nonconforming enthusiasts need look no further than DEMONIA for the most cutting-edge, beyond-the-ordinary line of footwear. Its original meaning and connotation of demonic diva is by no means gender exclusive. DEMONIA's no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners attitude is equally desirable to both female and male fans of the alternative underground culture. This vast collection of edgy footwear for both sexes caters to a wide variety of subcultures, and is offered in a variety of styles - from sandals, sneakers, and Mary Janes to creepers, Goth, and platform boots. DEMONIA not only reflects the alternative lifestyle, it defines it.

  • Devious by Pleaser

    Devious by Pleaser

    Looking to satisfy the cravings of discerning connoisseurs, This collection offers a fierce line of footwear to “play” with ranging from dominating spike heels to titillating ballerina shoes. Devious is the ultimate extension for every dictating dominatrix and surrendering submissive, perfect for spicing up the bedroom or fulfilling fetish fantasies.

  • Duo Eyelash Adhesive
  • Fabulicious by Pleaser

    Fabulicious by Pleaser

    Alluring, flattering and dazzling. FABULCIOUS brings teen prom and special occasion footwear to a new level of choice and sophistication with an exquisite assortment of styles and constructions. Featuring shoes for practically any occasion, from nights on the town, formal parties, weddings and all other special events.

    FABULCIOUS shoes embrace a diverse spectrum of themes including evening, boudoir, party, prom, bridal, pageantry, bikini/fitness competition and cocktail waitressing. Ranging from simple to refined styles, each FABULCIOUS shoe possesses a sassy, timeless allure, whether it be a sexy single sole, a lovely mini wedge, a flirty stiletto sandal or a chic mini platform. Sparkling rhinestone embellishments, luxurious fabrics, glimmering glitter and vibrant colors are represented in this line, adding glitz and glamour to any outfit for effortless, timeless beauty.

    Whatever the occasion, FABULCIOUS shoes will compliment a wearer's natural beauty and allow her to exude confidence.

  • Funtasma by Pleaser

    Funtasma by Pleaser

    Vividly theatrical. Devilishly fun. Mischievously playful. FUNTASMA is an all-encompassing footwear collection that caters specifically to cosplays, themed events and costume parties - offering an unparalleled selection of custom shoes and boots befitting for children, teens, and adults of both sexes and of varying wide-width and wide-calf preferences.

    With styles ranging from red glitter Dorothy shoes to retro saddle shoes and everything in-between, FUNTASMA is the natural and eye-pleasing enhancement to any and all outfits used for Halloween, Christmas, Mardi Gras, masquerade ball, and Carnival festivities.

  • Global Colours

    Global Colours

    Global Colours has now celebrated its 27th birthday! As an innovative small business, our commitment to producing a first-class product range is as strong as ever. State of the art formulae, strong pigmentation and distinctive packaging ensures our growing popularity in a highly competitive domestic and international market. their impeccable products have reduced toxicity and minimal impact on the environment. They are truly setting high standards through our pursuit of superior levels of customer service.

  • HOP Hire Costumes
  • House Of Priscilla

    House Of Priscilla

    With over 20 years experience in the costume and dance wear circuit House Of Priscilla brings you a range of unique and exciting items for parties, performances and events. With a team of international manufacturers House Of Priscilla has their own stock lines of products and merchandise. Our custom design costume manufacturing service allows you to create the costume you're dreaming of. Our Pleaser USA pre order service allows us to access hundreds of styles and sizes to accommodate your every taste. 

  • Kryolan


    At Kryolan, we make make-up. But not like anybody else.

    Because unlike everybody else, we actually make our make-up. As one of the first cosmetics brands in the world, we use our own formulas and recipes to manufacture our own products. We think of them. We create them. Formulate them and love them into existence. We’ve been doing this over 75 years. And we’re still doing it today.

    There is only one real professional make-up maker. There is only one Kryolan.

  • Mad Ally
  • Mei Linda

    Mei Linda

    Affordable cosmetics at a budget price. 

  • MesmerEyez
  • Music Legs

    Music Legs

    Music Legs label is a diverse, International Hosiery Company. Wholesale of Costumes, Halloween Costumes Lingerie and Hosiery. 

  • Pin Up Couture

    Pin Up Couture

    A throwback to one of the most celebrated eras in fashion of the last century, the Pin-Up Couture footwear collection combines the sensibilities of old with the latest fashion trends. The vintage-inspired pieces in this collection are classic yet timeless while being flirty and playful.

  • Pink Label by Pleaser

    Pink Label by Pleaser

    Elegant, sassy, or flattering, when dressing the feet in large women's sizes for a multitude of reasons – be it for natural physical needs, femininity, or showmanship – PLEASER PL® (Pink Label) aims to provide the best choice.

    Designed and manufactured for transgender women, cross-dressers, drag queens, female impersonators, drag show performers, or anybody with a foot size up to women's 16, the Pink Label collection features approximately 230 enticing choices-demure or bold-of shoes and boots.

    From comfortable flats and low heeled classic pumps to flirty wedges and glitzy sky-high platform boots, this diverse collection is sure to deliver the wearer a boost in confidence when showing off their alluring beauty, living out their true self, or fulfilling their inner fantasy.

  • Pleaser USA

    Pleaser USA

    Sensuous. Sexy. Wild. No other adjectives are more fitting to describe the essence of the PLEASER brand of footwear and its extensive range of products. As the ultimate go-to name in sexy shoes, PLEASER has become the standard all others are judged by. Attention to detail, superb craftsmanship, fine materials, innovative designs, unmatched selection, and unbeatable prices have all contributed to PLEASER's unparalleled success and reputation among sexy shoe aficionados and professional performers alike. Synonymous with sex appeal, PLEASER shoes have graced the covers and editorials of countless fashion and specialty magazines, adorned the feet of well-known celebrities, socialites and pop stars and are featured in numerous Hollywood movies and television shows. Today, PLEASER is indisputably one of the most renowned sexy shoe brands worldwide!

  • Rock A Lash

    Rock A Lash

    THE longest lasting, top-quality, & 100% handmade synthetic eyelashes!

  • Sivanna Colors

    Sivanna Colors

    Why are we so affordable at such high quality? We believe beauty is priceless and nobody should be left out.

    100% Paraben & Cruelty-free

    CCOLOR COSMETICS (pronounced See Color) was created in Los Angeles, CA in 2017 by a team of creatives and professional makeup artists. We develop exciting high-quality items at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on being cruelty-free, budget friendly, and keeping our customers satisfied.

  • The Snatch Co


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