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Be yourself and create the ultimate look with all the right tools with our selections. Body painting, foundations, lipsticks, eyelashes, brushes and more. We have you covered for choices. Kryolan, Rock a Lash are just a few to choose from. Create the ultimate look with all the right tools.



  • Body Paint
    <p>Ideal for make-up artists, theatre and performance, sports team supporters, parties for children, festivals and fairs.</p>
  • Brushes | Sponges
    <p>Make application easy with the right brushes and sponges for the job. </p>
  • Eyelashes
    <p>A face is not complete without the right lash. From subtle to extreme we have you covered. Get that Rock A Lash now.</p>
  • Eyes
    <p>They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We believe if you have beautiful eyes your personality will shine.</p>
  • Face Jewels
    <p>Don't just stop at make up. For that something a little extra dazzle with these exotic face jewels.</p>
  • Face
    <p>A good foundation sets the base for perfect application. Every artist needs a fabulous pallet to work with. </p>
  • Glitter and Jewels
    <p>Our glitter and jewel section has all your sparkly needs. From sprays to stones, get creative.</p>
  • Glues and Wax
    <p style="text-align:center;">Eyelash Adhesive and Spirit Gum to make eyelash and wig application easy.</p>
  • Hair
    <p>Hair colour is the finishing touch to a fabulous look. Glitter spray will give you that sparkling touch to be star.</p>
  • Lips
    <p>Be a pouty seductress or a glamourous vixen. Choose the right shade for your make up desire. Grab a lip tattoo and get creative and amaze with something unique. </p>
  • Lip Tattoos
    <p>For something more dramatic. Lip tattoo's are the way to go. Single use and amazing effects.</p>

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Global Body Paint Blue Glitter

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