Courtly 3011 Thigh High Boot Iridescent Green Sequin Pleaser


Brand : Pleaser

Model : 3011

Style : Courtly Thigh High Boot

Colour : Iridescent Green Sequin 

Sizes : US 6 - 14

Heel size : 5" / 127mm

Zip Closure : 1/3 Inside Leg Zip 

Courtly 3011 Thigh High Boot Iridescent Green Sequin Pleaser


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Over-the-Knee Boot Featuring Rouched Slouchy Sequins Body

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When selecting shoes from all Pleaser USA brands we recommend the following. If you are purchasing an open toe shoe then select the same size as your normal Australian ladies shoe size. When selecting a closed shoe or boot we recommend choosing one size larger. This will give you a more comfortable fit. Drag Queens and males buying Pleaser please follow this example : If you are a size AU8 men's then please order a women's size US10. Boots and closed toe shoes please order an US11. If you have any concern when ordering please call us for advice. 


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