Multi Glitter Hair Spray


Temporary Hair Spray

Temporary Hair Spray Colour is a non-permanent way to add big, bold, bright effects to hair styles. Use to add a blast of colour – whether it be glitter or neon. Simply washes out with shampoo and conditioner! Perfect for parties, theatrical use and school carnivals too!

Multi Glitter Hair Spray



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Highlights and Lowlights: Use dark and light colours to create contrast and a more dramatic affect. Such as Black and a bright Fluro.

Intense Colour: Select a section of hair. It may be a chunk, a curl or several strands. Hold it away from your other hair and spray. Repeat to create a streaking affect all over.

Softer Colour: Use a brush or comb (preferably disposable) to brush through the colour. This reduces the intensity and can create a more tonal look especially when using brown or black. Repeatedly brushing and spraying also helps to create a stronger, all-over colour.

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